Servicing & Maintenance

All bikes sold by us come with a free 6 week bike check* after date of purchase.
E-Bikes should be then serviced every 12 months.
  • Servicing cost start at £29.99, this involves-
  • Software update and E-Bike diagnostic check-
  • PDI style check of the bike, and if any further work is needed you will be contacted with a price for the work, before it is done.
All Bike checks and serving are carried out at our Bridgend Store
Here are some useful Maintenance Tips for your E-Bike.

General Care:
  • When cleaning, never use a pressure washer. They can damage delicate wiring parts and electrical components.
  • Be sure to Lubricate and Grease the high friction/moving parts regularly. Reducing resistance can help reduce components wearing out prematurely. TIP: Wet Lube for riding in wet conditions and Dry Lube for summer riding. Take special care when using lubes and greases, not to get in contact with the battery.
  • Check your tyres before and after every ride. Check for damage or punctures and check the tyre pressures.
  • Give the brakes and cables a test before heading out for a ride; ensure nothing is lose or broken.
Battery Care
  • If possible, remove battery and store inside the home after a ride. Avoid storing the battery in damp areas, such as the shed, as this can affect the function of the battery over time.
  • Try to not let the battery full discharge. The more cycles your battery goes through, the less effective it will be. Never attempt to dismantle an electric bike battery.

Motor Care:

  • LEAVE THIS ALONE - It is always best to speak to the professionals if you have issues or concerns about the E-Motor.

If you have any maintenance concerns or queries, we will be happy to help where we can. Please use the Contact Us Form, and we will get back to you.




*Free 6 week bike check must be brought to Bridgend to have this work carried out.